System for managing small companies

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  • Business

    • Simplicity, speed, applicability
    • As a small or medium sized company owner, you will be able to apply these concepts easily and clearly


As a Middle sized company, by implementation of
BOOM model you will get:

  • More productivity and speed
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Modern HR practices
  • Agile best practices applicable to your industry
  • System that will support further growth of company

As a Small company,
by implementation of BOOM model you will get:

  • Structure and organization
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Focus and discipline
  • System how to track tasks and results
  • System that will support further growth of company

BOOM system includes:



  • Defining long-term purpose and vision
  • Product and service development strategy
  • Selection of sales channels and profiles of ideal customer
  • Defining key competencies
  • Selection of key systems and success measures
  • Selection of key strategic projects


  • Redefining organizational structure
  • Putting the right people on the right place
  • Implementation of strategic projects tracking system
  • Implementation of people development system
  • Implementation of mini-game system


  • Setting new communication architecture
  • Establishing a regular feedback system
  • Defining core values


  • Defining the bonus plan
  • Implementing of team self-evaluation system
  • Choosing how to track financial results

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Results that your company will


  • Increased people satisfaction and motivation​
  • Drastically improved engagement of the people​
  • Focus on important processes and projects​
  • Clear direction for the future​
  • Faster decision making process​
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities
  • Better financial and operational results​
  • Clear direction for managers regarding meeting structure, feedback system, goal settings and strategy implementation
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