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  • Two things are unique about BOOM:

    • It is an entrepreneurial business model of how to organize a company.
    • Extremely easy implementation of tools and systems​.

    BOOM is a management system that brings into organization structure, agility and entrepreurial spirit. If you are a owner and you want to have a proved operating model for running a successful company, this is the model for you.

    If you are a consultant who wants to help other companies to run a successful business, contact us and you can become a BOOM consultant.

As a Middle or
Big Company, by implementation of
BOOM model you will get:

  • More productivity and speed
  • Clear strategic direction
  • Modern HR practices
  • Agile best practices applicable to your industry
  • System that will support further growth of company

As a Small Company,
by implementation of BOOM model you will get:

  • Structure and organization
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Focus and discipline
  • System how to track tasks and results
  • System that will support further growth of company

During implementation of BOOM
model, you will get/co-create
answers to these questions:



  • Definition of purpose and vision
  • Definition of key products and services
  • Choosing sales channels and customers profile
  • Definition of key competencies for strategy implementation​
  • Choosing key management systems and measurements
  • Choosing key strategic projects


  • Definition of organizational structure.
  • Choosing right people for right seats
  • Implementing a system of setting up and managing projects


  • Choosing the organizational culture and core values
  • Creating a system of regular employees feedback
  • Setting a structure and system of meetings


  • Choosing the bonus system
  • Implementing a mini game system for business development
  • Implementing a scorecard system for performance development

Coming soon:​ Self implementation of BOOM model in your own business starting from 250€​

If you own a small or mid-sized company and want to implement the BOOM model independently, BOOM online education will help you do that. You can choose the duration of the education and accordingly the amount of the investment.​

Education is paid on a monthly basis and you choose yourself how long you want it to last.​

Monthly subscription fee for online education is 250 €.

This option will be available in the upcoming period. Please, click subscribe button to get the information about the start.

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  • Master Card
  • Maestro

Results that your company will
gain besides the fact is it small or
big company:


  • Increased people satisfaction and motivation​
  • Drastically improved engagement of the people​
  • Focus on important processes and projects​
  • Clear direction for the future​
  • Faster decision making process​
  • Not depending any more on one person (owner)​
  • Clear responsibilities and authorities
  • Better financial/operational results​
  • Clear direction for managers regarding meeting structure, feedback system, goal setting and strategy implementation

Find out what is the level of organizational and opearational efficacy of your company according to BOOM business model.

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